MMManager: A Distributed Multimedia
Management System

Description and Significance of Project:

We have developed a distributed multimedia management system named DMMManager (Distributed MultiMedia Manager), which supports multimedia capturing, analysis, retrieval, authoring and presentation in one single framework. The distributed client/server architecture is adopted in DMMManager such that multiple requests from different clients can be handled simultaneously.  The server and client side applications are developed by using Visual C++ and Java separately.

Current Project Results:

A set of multimedia management functionalities are realized in DMMManager so that the user can complete various tasks including:

  • Live video/audio capture
  • Image feature extraction and video analysis (shot detection)
  • Content based image retrieval
  • Key-frame based video browsing
  • Multimedia presentation model design via MATN (Multimedia Augmented Transition Network)
  • Multimedia presentation rendering via JMF (Java Media Framework) player
  • Online presentation generation via SMIL  (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language)
  • Multimedia data/presentation distribution through computer networks

Figure 1. DMMManager - Image Retrieval

Figure 2. DMMManager - Video Retrieval

Figure 3. DMMManager - MATN Model Editor

Figure 4. DMMManager - MATN Model Presentation